MS25441-1 (TBHD1M) DMC пресс гидравлический

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Артикул: MS25441-1-TBHD1M Категория:


TBHD1M Remote Hydraulic Crimp Head (MS25441-1) exerts 12 tons of crimp force and extends the range of crimping capabilities to 4/0 AWG conductors in military/aerospace applications. The TBHD1M accepts the HD002 (MS23002), HD485 (MS90485), HD442 (MS25442) and Boeing ST 2354 die combinations. In some cases the tool can be used as a hand-held crimper, but the tool weight (9.6 lbs) and force means mounting it in a stationary position with a bench mount (BM-2A) is the preferred mode of operation. The recommended hydraulic pumps are listed on page 100 or you can consult DMC for other hydraulic pump options.
Other Specifications that apply to the TBHD1M are the following: • Crimp force: 12.0 tons (107kN)
• Length: 10.0 inches (254 mm)
• Width: 6.0 inches (152.4 mm)