HD120 DMC пресс гидравлический

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HD120 Heavy Duty Hydraulic Crimper delivers the die force necessary to crimp large conductors, but still in a hand operated hydraulic crimper. The HD120 produces
12 tons with the two stage pump that minimizes the number of handle closures needed to complete the
crimp. The utilization of the HD002 (MS23002), HD485 (MS90485), and HD442 (MS25442) dies extends the range of crimping capabilities to 4/0 AWG conductors in military/aerospace applications. (Verification available upon request. Contact/terminal samples required.) Boeing ST 2354 Series Dies are also available from DMC. The HD120 Hydraulic Crimper is fitted with comfortable handle grips for the best ergonomic advantage. A battery version, the HDE120B is also available.