WA22 DMC пресс-клещи AFM8 пневматические

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Пневматический эквивалент пресс-клещей M22520/2-01 (AFM8) DMC.

Qualified to MIL-DTL-22520/2 and AS22520/2, the DMC AFM8 is designed for most of the miniature and sub- miniature connector types that are so widely used in electronic systems. The AFM8 meets the need for a miniature tool accommodating wire sizes 20 through 32 AWG.

The AFM8 gives a Mil-Standard 8 indent crimp, which assures maximum tensile and electrical strength. The cycle controlled precision ratchet assures consistently accurate crimps every time. The tool frame has a built-in 8 step selector knob for ease in dialing the correct crimp depth setting for the wire being used.

Positioners adapt the tool frame to

a particular application. The data plate on each positioner designates which contacts the positioner accommodates for its wire size and indicates selector position. The positioner is easily removed and changed.

Periodic gaging is recommended to insure accurate calibration. This is easily accomplished with the M22520/3-1 “GO/NO-GO” gage (DMC part no. G125) on SEL setting #8. The AFM8 is 6 3/4″ in length and weighs approximately 10 oz.

Other than keeping the tool clean

and properly stored when not in use,

no operator maintenance is required. Pneumatic versions of this tool are found on page 14-15.


DMC has designed a series of tools which are fitted with ruggedized Digital Cycle Counters. The Cycle Counter version of the AFM8 is the AFM8-CC. Cycle Counters allow users to manage the tool through the inspection cycle based on the number of crimp cycles (actual usage) rather than an arbitrary time period. This greatly increases the number of crimp tools in production by decreasing the number of crimp tools awaiting gaging and balances the use of each tool between inspection events.