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Артикул: M5259/5-01-HD51 Категория:


HD51 Medium Duty Hydraulic Crimper is the most popular hand operated hydraulic crimper. The HD51 is still light- weight at 4.6 lbs., but the 5.5 tons of
die force and the larger die configuration extends the range of crimping capabilities to 2/0 AWG* conductors in many applica- tions. The HD51 Hydraulic Crimper utilizes rugged construction, lightweight materi- als, and comfortable handle grips for the best ergonomic advantage. The number of handle closures required to complete the crimp is reduced by the larger and more efficient hydraulic pump system. Other features are the following:
• Length: 14” (356 mm)
• Weight 4.6 lbs. (2.08kg)
• Crimp force: 5.5 tons (48.93kN) • Automatic relief valve to prevent
• Release lever for relaxing crimp
pressure and opening dies
• 180o rotating head for ease in
confined work areas.
• WIRE RANGE: (#12 to #2/0 AWG
in many power applications, and .700 (17.78mm) in coaxial hexagonal crimping.
*Wire range will vary depending on wire and terminal/contact.
XHD51 Remote Hydraulic Crimp Head is a preferred solution for high yield applications on production lines and maintenance rework centers. A pump-
ing system provides the hydraulic power to the remote crimping head, and the crimp head can be mounted in a station- ary position, or used as a hand-held tool. Pump options are listed below. Other specifications that apply to the XHD51 are the following:
• Length: 7.1 inches (180.3mm) • Weight 3.85 pounds (1.74kg)
• Crimp force: 5.5 tons (48.93kN)
DMC1383 Tool Kit contains the HD51 hand tool and all the dies for crimping insulated and uninsulated terminals and splices size 8 through 2/0. This tool kit
is contained in a metal case with foam inserts that have contoured tool cavities, laminated instruction sheets permanently attached on a ring binder, and contents charts identifying the location of each tool.
WIRE RANGE: #12 to #2/0 AWG in many power applications, and .700 (17.78mm) in coaxial hexagonal crimping.
Pump options for the XHD51 crimp head: HPU11M: Pneumatic powered hydraulic pump HPU12M: Hand powered hydraulic pump HPU13M: DC Battery powered electric pump HPU15M: A foot pump
Consult DMC for complete brochure and information on all ASS259 hydraulic crimp tools and accessories.